Now Playing: Flash Video 8 (VP6)

Flash Video 8 is the latest video technology from ON2 and adobe. Technically called VP6, this video format provides a good video quality for broadband streaming video using the Flash Player.

Since last week, is the first major video sharing web site to use Flash Video 8 for user generated shared video.

YouTube, Google Video and other video sites still use the old Sorenson/Spark codec. This older codec results in poor image quality and large video sizes.

Anyone can upload video files to Grouper in any format (avi, divx, wmv, quicktime, etc…) over the web from any web browser or using the Grouper  client software and Grouper automatically creates a Windows Media Video 9 file as well as a Flash 8 video for on-line streaming playback.

While Windows Video 9 is a decent format to stream broadband video for Windows/IE users. Many FireFox, Mac and Linux users are having trouble using Windows Media in web pages, partly due to Microsoft poor support of Windows Media technologies outside of Windows and Internet Explorer.

So to make our FireFox, Mac and Linux users happier, Grouper is now using Flash Video 8 playback for these platforms! In other words, Grouper picks the best format for streaming online video based on your profile and browser.

In addition, Grouper is now using Flash Video 8 for posting video clips shared on Grouper to social network profile page, blogs and other web sites, so with this release, we provide the best video quality service for posting video to blogs, social network profile pages and websites.

You can thank us later. 

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One Comment on “Now Playing: Flash Video 8 (VP6)”

  1. […] In related news: Grouper has added some neat new features over the last few weeks. They’ve switched from Windows Media to Flash 8 (at least for non-IE browsers) and added a bunch of interactive features like video commenting. They also seem to have switched focus – the downloadable client is being pimped less, and they’re concentrating on building out the web-based service. My favorite feature? One-click submission to your MySpace page. Gotta feed the beast! […]

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