Grouper Toys

Check out some new toys from Grouper

  • The new Grouper screensaver
  • Glite: a web based anytime version of the screen saver

The screensaver is a 556k screen saver app for Windows (No, unlike most other screen savers it does NOT have any spy-ware bundled with it in case you were about to ask). It works like all other screensaver apps in that it launches at an idle time of your choice set in your preference. The video wall is very much like the video wall on with one sweet twist. Mouse-over a video and it plays on the spot, mouse-away and it stops. It’s a great way to 1) protect your monitor screen from image-burn and 2) have Grouper videos on tap all the time.

You can save your searches, display the different channels and generally enjoy instant video gratification to your heart’s content.

The toys come in two styles. The screensaver (the small zipped downlaod installs straight to your system screen saver preferences and will display as a screen saver choice) and the one click Web access.


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