Fall is movie time!

What’s coming up soon on Grouper.com you ask? Plenty. First we’ve got these election thingees to get past and then immediately after Grouper and Sony will bring you something to take your mind off of all that yacking and fighting — Sony Movie Classic (to be granted a swankier name by launch date, I promise) film and TV clips.

This just in. I swear, even as I was pressing the post button, execs were pounding their way down the hallway waving a piece of paper that held the big decision. The New channel will be called ScreenBites. Look for it to appear on Grouper.com next week.

a contender A contender

From Terry Malloy to Travis Bickle, many of the all time greatest film moments will be yours to watch and share with your friends, exclusively on Grouper.com Coming your way on November 9th. Set your alarm clock and get the popcorn popping.

“Are you talking to me?”

Yes, I’m talking to you, nobody else here. Check out ScreenBites today

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