Welcome to the Grouper Networks Blog. This is the discussion arm of Grouper.com where site news, new product rollouts, fun videos and random postings about anything that causes me to be distracted from my other duties at Groupe crosses crosses my mind. Say howdy and leave comments, we don’t bite. Tell us what you like about Grouper, what bugs you blah, blah blah. We welcome linkage so if your site isn’t something bizarre like Naked midget wrestling, feel free to drop me a line and ask for a link.


Feel free to visit our forums as well. you’l find tons of cool video listing as well as tech support and general comfort and joy.


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Artist33 Says:

    Hello all. This is my first posting on Grouper.com and the point I will tell you a bit about myself. I am Graphic Artist who has a passion for telling stories in the visual
    and literary sense, I have just created a Web site which features some of my work and
    my grouper video is forthcoming.

    I invite all to visit my Web Site at:


    I’m open to your feedback and hoping you’ll spread the good word.

    Til the next time.


  2. groupervideo Says:

    Welcome. Be sure to visit our forums at http://forums.grouper.com to tell us about your video after you create and post it.

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