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Videos in your PsP? You Betcha

December 7, 2006

New this week. Grouper RSS feeds are now built into the firmware of your Sony PsP (simply update to 3.02)

a near perfect machine

Now you can snag Grouper RSS feeds for anything from Sexy to Sports to any channel list you create from a keyword search. Check it out. One more great reason for buying a PsP for Christmas. Yours truly has 2 of these badboys, Bubba!!


Pure Digital Cameras make creating and sharing videos easier than ever!

October 16, 2006

Get ’em while their hot. Just in time for the Holidays comes the handiest device yet for getting your life up on the Net. Pure Digital camcorders are hitting the store shelves even as you read this post.

“Wait,” you ask. “What is Pure Digital?”

pure digital camera

Just the coolest thing you’ll ever hold in your hand, that’s all. PD cameras let you make ridiculously easy point and click videos and then in the blink of an eye, upload and share with the world on Turn it on, point it at your life, click the red button to start recording and then click again to stop. Bingo, you’re Marty Scorsese.

And it gets better. A built in USB connector gets rid of the need for messy/lost cables so you can get your creation up on the web con pronto; or even faster.

built in USB connector

Plug it in to any pc and you’ll have your movie up on Grouper quicker than it takes to re-read this blog post and hunt for the hidden typo. 😉

Buy one today. Heck, buy two, they’re small!

Video Cage Match

September 18, 2006

Yes indeed, two videos enter, one walks out the raging winner. Introducing: Video cage matches where you the ultimate authority on all things –> The User <– get to vote on a head to head, which video is mo bettah! competition.  Come to the forums, crack open a beer and cheer for your side.

 cage match

Grouper and team up to bring you video product reviews

August 30, 2006

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) – …


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Why leave a boring old text review of that cool new Sony PsP you bought at Instead, leave a video review courtesy of and teaming up to bring the future to you, today! All you need is a Web cam, an opinion and voila! your review is up for the whole world to benefit from.
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Grouper Video Steps Out and Steps It Up A Notch

July 25, 2006

Embedded video players are nothing new but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved. Grouper’s player gives users the freedom to dress up their blog with something truly unique.

Not only do we make it insanely easy to publish video on your site (with one-click publishing support for MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, and WordPress) but viewers will also be able to interact with the video in a number of clever ways without ever having to leave the comfort of the blog. Tell friends, view video comments, even publish the video to their own blog all without leaving the experience the publisher intended.

Take a look for yourself:


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It is our philosophy that video should be enjoyed everywhere. Whether it is browsing through great clips on for hours on end or creating a more personal viewing experience in the place of your choosing, Grouper is all about letting you have your video your way.
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