Videos in your PsP? You Betcha

Posted December 7, 2006 by groupervideo
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New this week. Grouper RSS feeds are now built into the firmware of your Sony PsP (simply update to 3.02)

a near perfect machine

Now you can snag Grouper RSS feeds for anything from Sexy to Sports to any channel list you create from a keyword search. Check it out. One more great reason for buying a PsP for Christmas. Yours truly has 2 of these badboys, Bubba!!


What’s new and fun at Grouper…..

Posted November 30, 2006 by groupervideo
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One word. Totally Traci. I gues that’s two words but whatever. Traci is my new favoritest serial video poster on Grouper.

Check out her if you don’t think Traci isn’t the next  Queen of entertainment

However, Traci’s got heavy competition from the likes of:

MarkDay Comedy

Bushpocalypse Now

and Super Ed

SUPERED sneakman

But boy howdy, it’s an easy choice to see who’s easiest on the eyes. heh heh.

Seems like everybody is getting famous on

Did you get yours yet? well, didja?

Posted November 29, 2006 by groupervideo
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PSIII I MUST have one. Let me borrow yours just for a minute……

Casino Royal — opens today, baby

Posted November 17, 2006 by groupervideo
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Scots rule.. Especially Scots with a license to kill.

Bond, James Bond. Opening worldwide Nov. 17th. That’s, that’s today!!

bond, james bond

See the trailers, pod casts and much more at

Yada, Yada, YADA

Posted November 3, 2006 by groupervideo
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Ayup, Seinfeld is coming to Grouper, November 14th. Write that date down and pin it to your shirt.

yada yada yada


Seinfeld season 7 clips are coming exclusively to
I’d post my personal favorite episode but that’s too hard a choice to make this early in the morning. Suffice to say, this is one date that goes into my outlook calendar with a link to

Okay, I changed my mind (good latte, good). I’m a sucker for any episode with the soup nazi. That bit just kills me everytime.

Soup Nazi

Seinfeld clips on exclusively on November 14th.


Grouper on the Red Carpet

Posted November 3, 2006 by El Presidente for Life
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Yes, yes, the Grouper team went down to Hollywood to attend the premiere of Stranger than Fiction. Our intrepid reporting team scored interviews with all the stars and has graciously shared their video memories with you and me on Grouper. Check out the swanky interviews with Will and Dustin. I’m told the part where Julie blurts out a marriage proposal to Will and then faints dead away was mercifully edited out by Andrew. Dang!

will Ferrill Dustin, baby

Heck, see all the video interviews with all the stars on the Stranger Than Fiction Channel

Fall is movie time!

Posted November 2, 2006 by groupervideo
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What’s coming up soon on you ask? Plenty. First we’ve got these election thingees to get past and then immediately after Grouper and Sony will bring you something to take your mind off of all that yacking and fighting — Sony Movie Classic (to be granted a swankier name by launch date, I promise) film and TV clips.

This just in. I swear, even as I was pressing the post button, execs were pounding their way down the hallway waving a piece of paper that held the big decision. The New channel will be called ScreenBites. Look for it to appear on next week.

a contender A contender

From Terry Malloy to Travis Bickle, many of the all time greatest film moments will be yours to watch and share with your friends, exclusively on Coming your way on November 9th. Set your alarm clock and get the popcorn popping.

“Are you talking to me?”

Yes, I’m talking to you, nobody else here. Check out ScreenBites today